Listen to Lady Gaga on iHeartRadio

If you've been paying attention to the internet for the past 2 days, you've probably heard that there might be a boyband reunion of epic proportions at this weekend's MTV Video Music Awards in Brooklyn, NY. Justin Timberlake will be receiving the Michael Jackson Vanguard Award, Chris, Joey and Lance recently caught JT's last concert with JAY Z... it all adds up to an *NSYNC reunion, right?

Not so fast. Last night, Lance Bass kind of squashed the rumors on his radio show, saying he knew people would start to assume *NSYNC would be back. Womp. There goes that idea...


DJ Maxwell of syndicated radio show Saturday Night Online and iHeartRadio caught up with Lady Gaga Wednesday, and she made it seem like the *NSYNC reunion is definitely ON! When Max asked her about her upcoming VMA performance, she said, "I'm actually very excited that *NSYNC is making a comeback at the VMAs. I feel like I'm 15!" She added that she'll definitely be fangirling if it does go down. Lady Gaga is confirmed to be performing at the VMAs Sunday night, so if anyone has an in on what's going down, it's got to be her, RIGHT!? 

Listen to the interview and decide for yourself!

Do you think an *NSYNC reunion will happen? Would you lose your mind? Comment below!