Jessie White is a 99-year-old woman from Belfast, Maine, who studied stenography and bookkeeping at Beal College in Bangor back in 1939.  (Belfast is about 35 miles south of Bangor.)



But she didn't get her degree because of a technicality.  She couldn't afford to pay a $5 TRANSCRIPT FEE.



Recently, Jessie was telling a friend how much she regretted it.  So the friend got in touch with the current president of Beal . . . a guy named Allen Stehle.  And Allen decided to do something about it.



First he paid the $5 fee himself.  Then last week, he hosted a special graduation ceremony for Jessie, where she finally got her diploma . . . 75 YEARS after she should have graduated.



After school, Jessie managed to get a job as a bookkeeper WITHOUT a diploma.  But she says she felt like her life would never be complete without one.  And now it is.



She also wants people to know that she'll never stop learning, and neither should YOU . . . because as long as you never stop learning, you never grow old. 



(ABC News)



(Here's a photo of Jessie.)