On Saturday night, a woman in southern France named Alexandra Marlin woke up in the middle of the night, because her ten-year-old cat "Meatball" was scratching on the floor of the attic above her apartment.



And apparently Meatball was scratching A LOT.  Because Alexandra got out of bed and went into the attic to see what was up.



Which is when she saw BLACK SMOKE and realized Meatball was scratching because a huge FIRE was raging in the attic.  So Alexandra called the fire department and ran around the apartment building waking people up.



And because of Meatball, all seven adults and three kids who lived there made it out safely.



Then Alexandra couldn't find Meatball anywhere after the fire, and started getting worried.  But he turned up following night, and was fine.



(The Local / Huffington Post / Le Dauphine)



(Check out a photo of the cat and the burned-out house here.)