If you were hoping to be named dad of the year, the bar just got raised by a guy in Jacksonville, Florida.  (We don't know exactly when this happened . . . other than "recently".)



Travis . . . whose last name wasn't given . . . wanted to throw a special birthday party when his son Jonah turned 13.  So he took Jonah and his friends to SunRay Cinema. 



But the kids weren't there to see a movie . . . instead, Travis had the theater staff set up the movie screen to be a GIANT video game screen.    



For five hours, the kids got to play "Fallout 3" . . . "Skyrim" . . . "Minecraft" . . . "Call of Duty Black Ops 2" . . . "Portal" . . . and"Dead Space 2".  The consoles worked from anywhere in the theater, so they experimented to find the best angle.  



The best part is that it only cost $300 to rent out the entire theater for five hours . . . with all-you-can-eat pizza and soda.