18-year-old Griffin Furlong of Jacksonville, Florida lost his mom to leukemia when he was six.  And for two years, he lived in a homeless shelter with his father and two brothers. 

 They moved into a house when he was in sixth grade, but never had much money.  And recently they became homeless again.

  But after all that, Griffin is graduating high school next week . . . as the VALEDICTORIAN.  Then he's headed to Florida State to study civil engineering.

 Despite his grades, he hasn't been able to get a scholarship, only grants.  Which won't be enough to cover his tuition, books, food, and housing.  But Griffin says he'll manage somehow, and that he does it all for his mom.

 Luckily, someone set up a fundraising page for him last week on GoFundMe.com.  And since then, over $50,000 has been donated for his college fund.  If you want to donate, go to GoFundMe.com and search for "Homeless Valedictorian." 

 As of last night, he was also being featured on the front page. 

  (WFTV / NY Daily News)