Raymond Burse was president of Kentucky State University in 1982, when he was just 31 years old.  Then he left in 1989, but signed on again as interim president last month.  And during his salary negotiation, he actually asked for LESS money.



Raymond is 63 now, and requested that the university CUT $90,000 from his salary . . . so 24 employees making minimum wage could get a $3-an-hour RAISE.  And those raises will stay in place, even when the school hires a permanent president next year.



Most of the employees are clerical and maintenance workers, who were getting $7.25 an hour.  Now they're getting more than $10 an hour.  If you divide $90,000 by 24, it comes out to $3,750 more a year, before taxes.



Raymond says he's not doing this for publicity, and it's also not a political statement about raising the minimum wage.  He just thinks the employees deserve it, and that the university will be better as a whole because of it.



Quote, "We want our employees to have a better life.  In return, I expect them to make a commitment to the institution and to help us with what we need to do to move education forward."



By the way, Raymond won't be hurting by any means.  He'll still make just under $260,000 a year. 



(CBS News)



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