For the past three years, an eight-year-old girl in England named Claudia Burkill has been battling a rare form of brain cancer called metastatic pineoblastoma.  (Met-uh-tas-tic pin-ee-oh-blass-tome-uh.)



Which is inoperable, and has about a 5% survival rate.  Only about four cases are diagnosed every year.  But where Claudia's tumor was . . . in the very center of her brain . . . the survival rate was literally ZERO percent.  No one had EVER survived it.



Doctors refused to give up on her though.  And since 2011, she's gone through 44 extremely aggressive radiation and chemo treatments.  Her family was told four times that she only had weeks or even HOURS to live.



But over the weekend, they got some very good news.  Exactly three years to the day that her mom first called a doctor . . . Claudia's family found out she's BEATEN IT, and is now cancer free. 



(Daily Mail / / Mirror)



(Check out some photos of Claudia and her family here.)