Extreme couponers usually get made fun of for being cheap . . . and a little bit psycho.  But here's one NO ONE is making fun of.



There's a guy in Casselberry, Florida . . . just north of Orlando. . . named Rick Baer.  He looks to be in his 50s, and he's a HUGE fan of coupons.  But also a huge fan of CHARITY.



Each day, Rick goes through all the coupons he can get his hands on, buys as much food as possible, and DONATES it to an organization called The Care Cabin, which provides food for needy families in his area.



Last year alone, Rick says he spent over $2,000 of his own money . . . but ended up buying about $10,000 worth of food with it.



And now the local police department even has a drop box where OTHER people can leave coupons for Rick, who says it's just his way of, quote, "paying it forward."



(WFTV / Casselberry PD)