If you were flying through Newark, New Jersey last month, found a diamond RING, and turned it in . . . congratulations for being an outstanding human being.



On Valentine's Day, 52-year-old Navneet Guleria lost her four-carat diamond ring at the Newark airport while she was going through security.  And she didn't realize it until she was already on a plane to London.



So obviously she freaked out, because it's worth THOUSANDS of dollars.  Luckily, there are still a few good people in the world.  Because whoever found it turned it in, and Navneet got it BACK.



Now airport officials are launching a Facebook campaign to FIND the person, so they can reward them with a free round-trip TICKET.  And they're also looking through security footage to see if they can spot who it was.



If no one comes forward by May 31st, the ticket will go to charity. 



(NY Post)



(If you happen to know who it was . . . or it was YOU . . . send an email to ring@globalgatewayalliance.org, along with proof you were flying in or out of Newark that day.)