First off, let me just say that my dear friend Elaine Hackett of the National Park Service shared this story on Facebook, and I about fell down after spewing my MiO infused energy water all over the iHeartRadio studio when I read this... 

TARGET, with locations all over the place, is set to let you and I drink the alcohol while we shop! 


Think of it... you can roam the aisles of your local TARGET with a glass of red or white in hand... or with that flask out as you hit the TITOS or DEEP EDDY while making your TARGET run!

Sure, you might get a bit tipsy, but the rationale is that you should have a great time while shopping, right? 

I'd say you may want to take someone along, you know, like a designated driver and person to make sure you don't do like you do on AMAZON when drinking... buying whatever and then, realizing what all you bought the next morning when you sober up. 

This is just awesome. See the story above, and I'll meet you near the electronics section for happy hour, soon, at TARGET!