Security Guard Reveals How Vegas Shooter Discovered Him

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It was the sound of a door closing loudly behind Jesus Campos that likely alerted Stephen Paddock to the security guard’s presence on Mandalay Bay’s 32nd floor minutes before he opened fire on a Las Vegas concert crowd below. 

Days after canceling a series of media appearances, Campos appeared on the Ellen DeGeneres Show alongside Mandalay Bay engineer Stephen Schuck and, in an interview airing Wednesday, offers his version of events from Oct. 1, per the Los Angeles Times

Alerted that a door was ajar on the 32nd floor, Campos says he climbed up from the 31st floor but found a stairwell door blocked. Using another route, he reached the other side of the door, inside a small room, and found a “metal bracket” keeping it closed. He says he called for an engineer, then exited the room with the door banging behind him.

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