Taylor Swift Says Her Hands Will 'Never Write The Same' After Signing CDs

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While fans already have their sights set on Taylor Swift's upcoming Red (Taylor's Version) release (and rumors are swirling that her take on 1989 is just shortly behind after she released her version of "Wildest Dreams"), physical CDs of Fearless (Taylor's Version) are now being made available on her official website for a limited time. And to make fans even more excited, Swift has personally signed every one of them.

Taking to Twitter to join in on fan's excitement after Taylor Nation shared the news that the Fearless (Taylor's Version) CDs would be signed, Swift joked, "It's true, I signed them all and it's also true that I may never write the same again, as my hand is now frozen in the permanent shape of a claw. All for you."

The signed Fearless (Taylor's Version) CDs will be available until 9 a.m. EDT on September 23 here. Fans can also purchase pre-orders of Red (Taylor's Version), with CD and vinyl options available.

The pop superstar shared the full tracklist and collaborations for her version of Red last month, which will see Chris Stapleton, Phoebe Bridgers, Foster the People's Mark Foster, and Ed Sheeran contributing to the record. The album will also feature the first song Swift and Sheeran ever wrote together, as well as other tracks she wrote and recorded from that period, including a 10-minute version of "All Too Well."

While Swift has been busy with all her recent releases (including her back-to-back records in 2020, folklore and evermore), the singer still knows how to use TikTok for its intended purpose: sharing videos of her cats. Continuing to be stuck at home for a majority of the time due to the pandemic means Swift has an abundance of content with her cats, including conversations about how they view themselves.

With Red (Taylor's Version) and maybe even 1984 (Taylor's Version) right on the horizon, fans can enjoy the singer's multitude of eras and come back to the songs that made them fall in love in the first place.

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