ZAYN Opens Up About Special Connection That Was 'Missing In My Life'

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ZAYN is feeling "replenished" and excited to be back in front of fans after sharing his new music with fans in his first show in eight years.

ZAYN stopped by iHeartRadio's Z100 New York to talk about his new album Room Under the Stairs, which dropped last month. Throughout the wide-ranging interview, the One Direction alum spoke about his growth as a musician and as a person and how that influenced his "raw" new music.

"We all go through phases of life. We can think we know something solidly and something could happen and switch it up and change your opinion on that and you'll look at it with a new perspective," he said. "I think that's the beauty of life. The longer we live, the more stages of life we get to go through, the more we get to get more points of reference."

He also marveled at how "amazing" it was to see fans reacted to his new music during his first show in nearly a decade.

"The love and the energy that was coming back [at the show] was definitely something that was missing in my life for eight years, going from the band and all that love to kind of just silence," he said.

His time away, however, was important in helping ZAYN feel rejuvenated and ready to interact again with fans on such a large scale after years spent being in one of the biggest boybands in history.

"It is the most important thing to take time for yourself because if you're not a solid person yourself, how are you going to do something in a good way. So I think it's always good to have your morals and the things that are important to you above everything else and then you can be the best version of yourself when it comes [time] to perform or interact with other human beings on that kind of scale. It worked really well for me. I feel replenished taking that time after the battery, as it is, to like come out and do it again. I feel like I'm a bit juiced."

Check out ZAYN's interview in the video below.

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