Mariah Carey Quiets The Haters With Her iHeartRadio Music Fest Performance

So much perfection in one woman. Mariah Carey effectively quieted all the haters during her iHeartRadio Music Festival performance on Friday night!

It was honestly flawless. 


The iconic singer performed all of our faves, from "Emotions" to "Shake It Off" and "Obsessed." AND there was no trace of any backtracks whatsoever. It was 100% Miss Carey. 


Carey performed on the same stage as Fleetwood Mac, Childish Gambino, Jack White, and Rae Sremmurd.

And that was just night 1!

Check out Mariah's performance below (before they snatch it off Youtube).


video via Youtube

photo via Getty

Brooke Morrison

Brooke Morrison

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