Angry Mom Goes OFF On Childless Millennials For Going To Disney World

What do you think?

An angry mom is going viral over her Facebook post about childless millennials going to Disney parks. She believes that SHE'S the one who's constantly being judged for having kids in the parks even though Disney World is supposed to be a place for families.

She even goes as far to say that they're "throwing their money away on useless crap" for spending money inside the parks...Basically a "how dare you enjoy a mickey pretzel for yourself when I have a kid who would enjoy it more." She even drops the C-word.

I WILL say that Disney as a company panders to people of all ages and the new Star Wars land in and of itself is literally geared towards adults who grew up watching the movies. I honestly wouldn't say that any of the Disney parks are specifically for children, at least not anymore. Legoland? Yeah. American Girl stores? Definitely. All Disney parks?? That's a no for me...

(Also, this is a nice moment to remind everyone that millennials are between the ages of 24 to 39)

WARNING: Strong Language


I don't think there's ANYTHING wrong with people of all ages enjoying Disney parks and buying things that they want to buy!

What about you?

Brooke Morrison

Brooke Morrison

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