OMG: Fall Out Boy Is Going On Tour With Green Day And Weezer!

Did all of my 14-year-old dreams just come true?? Yes. Yes they did.

It looks like Fall Out Boy, Weezer, and Green Day are about to announce that they're going on tour TOGETHER on Tuesday! All three bands have apparently been teasing the tour all weekend long, leaving fans all excited and whatnot. They're specifically teasing something called "Hella Mega".

It turns out there's a Shout out to all of the dedicated fans for finding it!

According to, fans have also started receiving anonymous packages in the mail full of mismatched pictures of the bands printed on T-shirts.

And somehow The Office's Rainn Wilson is at the center of it all??

Read about all of it below!

I'm just gonna say right now... I'm going. I'm going to spend all of my money on it, and I'm going to lose my mind.

See you there!

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