ANOTHER Tropical Storm May Be Forming, Heading Towards Bahamas And Florida

It really is hurricane season, isn't it!

Meteorologists are expecting a tropical storm to form from a tropical wave heading towards the Caribbean over the next few days. Reports say that it will most likely hit The Bahamas, then over to Florida and parts of the Gulf Coast, and has "highly increased chances" of developing into an organized storm and possibly Tropical Storm Humberto.

The Washington post reports, "A clump of shower and thunderstorm activity continues flaring up over the southeastern Bahamas, north of Haiti. It will shuffle northward the next few days, brushing past areas hard-hit by Dorian on Friday. It could douse Grand Bahama and Abaco islands with one to three inches of rain."

The storm would be bringing heavy rainfall and gusty winds along with it and will most likely hit parts of The Bahamas that have been hit hardest by Hurricane Dorian.


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source: Washington Post

Brooke Morrison

Brooke Morrison

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