Dog Hit By Car Didn't Die, Rode In Car's Bumper For Miles Before Discovered

I used to have 3 dogs growing up and my biggest fear was having one of them be hit by a car.

While this Shiba Inu actually was struck by a car, she survived! But it wasn't until the car came to a full stop miles later that the driver realized she'd become wedged inside of the vehicle's bumper and was almost completely unharmed.

Rotterdam Police Lt. says the driver knew she'd hit something and knew there was damage to the car, but had no idea she'd hit a full-sized dog until finding her in the bumper.

She drove 15 full miles before she stopped to check out some noises she'd been hearing on the ride. She called 911 when she saw the Shiba Inu gazing up at her from below the her license plate.

I would've started bawling if I had a whole dog INSIDE OF MY CAR and had no idea. Omg.

Read more HERE.

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