Aries like taking charge and being in charge of things so They go after someone who takes the initiative but doesn't blow their thunder. Because of their take-charge attitude, Aries are the most compatible with other fire signs such as Leo and Sagittarius because they also like to initiate things, have fun, are much more playful than other signs.


Taurus are very practical people. They love assisting others and are very sensual, dependable, and loyal. They want to please their partner. Taurus get along well with the other Earth signs, like Virgo and Capricorn, because they also tend to be practical, down to Earth, and easy to get along with


Gemini are very good at dating two people at one time because they can get bored easily if they aren't being stimulated on an intellectual level "They need to be with someone they can always talk to or will just sit down and listen to them .Gemini would, of course, be good with the other air signs which are Libra and Aquarius. Fire signs such as Leo, Sagittarius, and Aries could also be a good match for Gemini because fire and air stimulate each other, and a Gemini person craves constant stimulation


Cancer are very maternally oriented, so they typically match up with someone who is a homebody and wants to have children, be around children, or be around family. They are also very sensitive and don't want to be around someone who is going to stir up their emotions. Cancer would be most compatible with the Earth signs Virgo, Capricorn, or Taurus because that gives them a sense of grounding and stability,


Leos are extremely romantic so they want to be around other people who are very romantic "A Leo is very good at dating another Leos because they both have the same level of vanity and romance and need the same sort of thing. The only difficulty is they might compete for each other's attention and try to outdo one another. Libra know exactly how to stroke the heart of Leo to make them happy and satisfy them,


Virgos can stay single their whole life and be happy. Virgo is one of those signs where most don't actively go out and pursue dating. They sort of intuitively know what's right for them and have a 'one strike and you're out' mentality because they seek perfection and set high standards for themselves. Virgo would be good with other Earth signs, Taurus and Capricorn, because they are more scheduled, planned, and not as spontaneous — all qualities which are important to a Virgo.


Libras are revved up by the Gemini and Aquarius because they are really good at that [having conversation. "Libras are also very compatible with the fire signs Leo, Sagittarius, and Aries because those signs can be a very stimulating, fun, and active energy for the Libra. They both like to be on the go."


If you get a Scorpio with another Scorpio, that's probably the hottest couple you can find out there." "Scorpio are really good with other Scorpio because they love spicy time," "Scorpio and Scorpio people may argue and fight, but when it comes to good make up sex – you can't get any better.


Sagittarius and Gemini are sister signs, they share a love for chaos. 

As for Aries, "it can be fun," Neptune says, but it can also be a lot of fire energy in one relationship. Imagine a gender reveal in the forest that catches the whole thing on fire — too much of the same element, he muses. 

Sagittarius and Aquarius also complement each other well. Aquarius asks the philosophical question, and Sagittarius goes for the large-scale action. 


Libra and Capricorn will never embarrass each other, Neptune says, they know the social rules. Both signs also know how to build something, and the value of time. Libra may seem indecisive to some, but Capricorn appreciates that they are taking their time. They make a high-powered and business-oriented team as well since Capricorns have the material know-how and Libras have the social know-how.


Aquarius and Cancer are both humanity oriented, and willing to sit in and talk to people about what they think about the world. Cancer can also bring Aquarius out of their shell. Libra brings Aquarius out of their shell as well but in a different way. Whereas Cancer might demand more emotional presence, Libra is more likely to pull out a social side of Aquarius by say bringing them to a party and introducing them to everyone. 


Pisces are very selfless. They are romantic and want to be there to guide and support others. They are the first to step up and help and to give of themselves "In a relationship, Pisces always want to be with their partner. So to be with another water sign such as a Cancer or a Scorpio would be a great match because they are all on the same page and intuitively know what they want

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