Aries: If you compliment an Aries.. they’ll most likely fish for more compliments. That’s just how they’ll respond! They just rarely turn away a good compliment because it helps them be motivated and it inspires them to keep going.

Taurus: when receiving a compliment…they’re not always comfortable with it. Taurus don’t know where to look when complimented and they can get a little bit tongue-tied. However they’re really good at reminding people of the value they bring to the table!

Cancer: When complimenting this sign…they’ll be highly motivated and encouraged by your kind words. Compliments make Cancers feel warm inside and inspires them to return the favor with words or actions… they might even go as far as buying you something.

Gemini: when complimenting a Gemini…they might say something like “thank you but don’t do it again!”. Geminis are not always so sure on how they feel about praise, some days they’re okay it but sometimes it feels fake to them. So, you have to really mean it or just say nothing at all.

Leo: If you compliment a Leo… they’ll say something like “tell me more or please don’t stop!”. Leos thrive off compliments and they’ll always acknowledge and thank the compliment giver. If you keep feeding their ego, you’ll most like make a long time friend.

Virgo: Something a Virgo will say when complimented is…“yeah I know…. what else is news?”. Virgos just know their value and they have a good self-worth, so it might seem to them like you’re just stating the obvious.

Libra: They respond to compliments by saying something like “why thank you and right back at you!”. Usually Libras are more likely to be doing the complimenting but when they do receive praise they’ll giggle, blush and hug you with joy and appreciation.

Scorpio: if you complement this sign…the first thing they’ll do, is search for the quality compliments only. They’ll respond when they decide if your compliment was legit or just total nonsense. They just hate fake flattery but do enjoy unique and real compliments.

Sagittarius: If you compliment a Sag… they’ll respond by laughing it off like it’s nothing (even though they do love it!). Sagittarius tend to deflects a lot of praise with jokes and laughter. This doesn’t mean they don’t enjoy receiving compliments, it’s just that humor is their go to for everything. Thats what makes them feel comfortable.

Capricorn: if you compliment a Capricorn they might respond with something like…“that’s great but how are you gonna help me?” Capricorns are fans of useful and constructive praise. They enjoy a positive performance evaluation but they rather hear something that’s gonna help them improve. If they compliment you, just know it’s serious and that you’ve done a really good job.

Aquarius: The way they’ll respond to a compliment.. IF you’re sincere… is with a massive hug and gratitude. Aquarius can take a moment to respond…while they evaluate if you were genuine. If you want them to believe you, try complimenting them on their intellect – Aquarius love that type of thing!

Pisces: When you compliment a Pisces…they’ll over analyze every single word and wonder if you really mean it. At first they’ll seem excited by the praise. But they’ll examine every word until they turn them into something negative. Sometimes they create a whole story around what wasn’t said.

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