Chrissy Teigen & John Legend Share A Laugh Post Dwyane Wade Toppling


Imagine you get all done up for date night with your person. You're looking cute and feel like having a good time. You have court side tickets to a Miami Heat basketball game. What could go wrong?!

Well, this was Chrissy Teigen and John Legend's night until things got a little crazy. Basketball LEGEND Dwyane Wade missed a shot and suddenly tripped, landing directly ON Chrissy and John.


The photographers got the moment it happened and the photo has been circling the internet. Chrissy actually shared the photo on Twitter and called the entire thing, "a renaissance painting."

While John Legend shared a video after he got a shower from his drink. Luckily he still had a bit left and wrote, "still got my drank." Seriously, Dwyane landed on two of the COOLEST people. You know Chrissy and John are handling this with lots of laughs, which is why we just love them!


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