Could Justin Bieber Be Dropping New Music Next Week?


So, the latest fan theory I have to share with you is all about our guy Justin Bieber. Apparently there are some signs that he could be dropping new music as soon as next week!

There are 5 signs, check these out...

1) He retweeted rapper Lil Dicky's tweet that read, "New song and video next week." According to TMZ, Justin is featured on his new single!


2) This one is right up Miss Tati's alley. If we look at Justin's birth chart it reveals something HUGE is on the horizon from Justin. Celebrity astrologer David Palmer said, "He's not going to be the same old Justin Bieber. You're going to see him come out in a completely different form and it's going to be a lot more formulated."

3) He took to Instagram just last month to explain why there's been a delay in new music. He opened up about his mental health issues, but also said he'll come out with "a kick ass album ASAP."


4) His manager, Scooter Braun may have spilled the news. He tweeted and deleted, "JB5!?!?" back on January 5th!

5) Justin shut down the rumors via Instagram that he was putting his music on hold to spend time with his new wife. He said, "Don’t believe everything you read sweet little girl you will hear something from me sooner than you think." That was back in November!


ALL of these theories make me and many Bielbers think new music could be SO soon!


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