The Jonas Brothers Confirming A Tour Is The Best News You'll Hear All Week


Our JoBros are BACK, in full swing might I add. First we got their comeback single, "Sucker" and then last week they blessed with us, "Cool." Plus, they've been doing mini pop-up shows around the country!

So, the question we ALL have been asking...when is a tour coming?!?! The guys FINALLY gave us a good little nugget of info here. Nick said, "We'll definitely tour this year at some point."



I have questions and I'm sure you do too, like will they perform old songs? They said, "Yeah, for sure. I don't think we have enough new songs to do a long show. But we have plenty of old ones."

Kevin also opened up about the influence of their significant others, "They're our champion. They're our support. To have that great aspect in your life, it just makes writing awesome songs about them and about the moments you have and share so much easier."

So, as excited as I am, I'm still left with LOTS of questions. Do the wives travel with them? Will they have their own buses? Will there be #JSisters merch? I just need more answers. 😂


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