Tanya Rad’s Breakfast Egg Pod Recipe: How to Make Them!

I’m getting SO many messages about the egg pod recipe I make daily so I wanted share how you too can make them.

I LOVE egg pods because eggs are my favorite for breakfast, but since I work on a morning show, I have zero time in the AM to make them ...

SO! this is my ~*~modern woman~*~ approach to a healthy, quick breakfast that you can also make ahead of the week and store in the fridge and reheat easily:


(whatever you want, but I use:)

- Asparagus




Chop all raw veggies into bits

Grease up the muffin tin with your spray of choice (IE: Olive Oil spray etc)

Put the cut raw veggies in each cup

Crack one full egg in each cup

Bake at 350 degrees for 17 minutes

Tip: I let them sit in the oven for a few minutes after timer finishes.

Pop them out and THERE YOU GO!