Packing Tip 101: Use These Space-Saving Bags!

If you watched my Stories, you saw that there’s a pro tip from OAWRS’ digital producer Sierra that involves space-saving clear baggies you can order off of Amazon.

The bags are reusable, inexpensive and compact air so that they squish your clothes down so you can pack nearly three times as much.

Sierra used these bags for her wedding and honeymoon in Europe and was able to pack carryon for three weeks (!!!)

We purchased these off Amazon but there are tons of similar options.

To use the bags, you don't need a vacuum or pump to “vacuum” them tight. All you need is to fold or roll your items and place them at the bottom of the open bag. Zip the top of the bag and then roll the bags from the zipper tightly towards the bottom, pressing air out of the side valves as you go and voilà!