Gayle on the Inspiration Behind Her Viral TikTok Breakout Song

Gayle’s breakout single “abc…” surged through TikTok, becoming a viral hit. Ryan Seacrest talked to Gayle today about how the song was created and what inspired the catchy angsty anthem.

“I was trying to, like, bring positivity to his life and all he ever did was try and drag me down to his level,” the 17-year-old told Seacrest about the guy who is the inspiration behind the track. “You can’t make somebody happy who can’t make themselves happy. It was such a frustrating process and because I didn’t feel all of the little things, it built up to this one big explosion where I’m like you know what, ‘forget you, and your mom, and your sister, and your job.’”

…just not your dog!

Photo: OAWRS

Watch back to Seacrest talk to Gayle in the video above!

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