ROAM FITNESS: BWI's amazing gym, #BEST showers & restrooms for travelers!


Okay kids... this is pretty cool.

If you travel, and you want to get your fitness on... and you want to do so in style... fly out of BWI, get there a bit early and book some time at ROAM FITNESS... a GYM on the level of an EQUINOX... behind security at BWI!

If you are full-fledged into your fitness, you can pack your crap the night before, crash, wake up... throw on your gym clothes and grab your luggage and head to the airport. Get checked in, check your luggage or carry your stuff on... and make your way to ROAM and get your workout on. Don't want to wear your own workout clothes? Well, that's fine. They'll rent you some. You can leave it behind, I guess and they'll clean it all up and stuff.

So, get your YOGA on. Get your fitness on. Unleash your inner Arya Farzin and handle your fitness business. Pretend you are Kate Champagne and get your CAMPAIGN on before a flight. Or, just skip it all and use these amazing showers and restrooms with Japanese Butt-Cleaning self cleaning toilets as you prepare to get your travel on. It doesn't matter... but of course you should get your fitness on...

... ROAM FITNESS is a revolutionary idea which allows YOU to have options which are down-right awesome when it comes to your fitness. Get your workout in. Get your amazing shower ON. Then, get your flight on to wherever your travels may take you. Got a layover? Make the most of it at BWI and leave refreshed, recharged... and just a bit better off... because you met your health and fitness goals thanks to this amazing gym steps from where your flight home may be.

Look, there are people who live in airports. They travel for a living... and having this as an option is absolutely perfect for those who do what they do while jet-setting for work around the planet. For those... and for the fit-centric, this is an absolutely amazing option.

It's also an amazing option for those who do a bunch of business around the country. These centers of wellness are also an oasis of awesome when it comes to having a place to stop in, clean up, get refreshed to go close a deal, conquer a day or handle that business. It's like having a hotel room for a few hours, with all of the amenities of a great hotel... minus the bed and the cost.

Like I said... I don't know if you've checked this out or not... but you should. The BWI location is their only location... and I guess others are opening soon....

... but every journey starts with a single step. And ROAM FITNESS is a great place to step into if you want to get those 10,000 steps in while traveling.

Check 'em out.

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Toby Knapp

Toby Knapp

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