#SCOOTERS: Am I crazy or are these #Scooters... everywhere??!


Hi. My parents named me Toby and I want to get your take on something...

Is it just me... or are these ELECTRIC SCOOTERS like EVERYWHERE now?

I'm somewhat triggered about this because in the last two weeks, I had one literally almost fall into a car I was driving. Had four sitting in the pathway to get into a building for an appointment I had, I saw one in a FREAKING TREE, saw another thrown down an embankment near a grocery store by my house... and right now, I'm sure if I were to drive downtown, I'd probably see some in the middle of some random street, just left someplace all haphazardly because.... THEY'RE EVERYWHERE.

I get that they do great things for mass-transportation, and they help get people from place to place faster than walking... but unlike a bikeshare service, these SCOOTERS don't have some sort of BIKE STATION... no they just get used, and left... where ever someone wants!

It's a problem. At least I think it's a problem. And then I saw this article from the WASHINGTONIAN and they think it's a problem, too.

They remind me of an electric version of cockroaches, really. I know, that's a gross visual, and roaches are far worse... but these things MULTIPLY and they're everywhere and I'M OVER THEM!

I don't know. Am I crazy or is this a problem? Feel free to hit me up and let me know. I'm gonna go do some focus-breathing exercises now to get past my issues with this...



Toby Knapp

Toby Knapp

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