What is something we should stop teaching children?


There's an ASK REDDIT thread which I found to be interesting today...

What is something we should stop teaching children?

The responses are varied, but insightful...

One user says we should stop teaching kids to "Ignore the bullies" because this only enables bullies to keep bullying...

A DOCTOR chimed in, asking for parents to stop threatening their kids with a trip to the doctor... because by doing so, you are associating going to the doctor with something NEGATIVE which just isn't good for the doctor... or the kids...

"Could parents reading this please stop threatening their kids with the doctor? I see it often in the clinic. Either "if you keep acting up I'm gonna have the doctor give you a shot!" or "if you do this and hurt yourself we'll have to go to the hospital and the doctor is gonna have to sew you up and it's gonna hurt!" That really does absolutely nothing but hurt any relationship we'd like to build with your kid.

This teaches children to associate the doctor's office with 'pain/bad stuff' and makes things ridiculously difficult for both you (the parent), us (the doctors), and them."

Another user made the sweeping statement that we should stop teaching kids that "adults are always right..." because that's not true. Adults aren't always right and they do make mistakes.

One other user says we need to stop teaching kids to be "afraid of strangers."

"Stranger danger has done so much harm. Children are afraid to ask for help from a stranger because of it, even to get away from real danger."

The thread is ridiculously insightful.... and poses a great question...

What is something should we stop teaching children?

Feel free to chime in with your thoughts in the comments below...

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