#TRAVEL | Anyone know anyone who owns one of these #Airstream trailers?

Gang -

Does anyone know anyone who has one of the AIRSTREAM NEST OR AIRSTREAM BASECAMP TRAILERS?

I've been thinking about these since that time I jumped off the ledge of that mountain in West Virginia at Adventures On The Gorge. That weekend, the call of all things simpler, and rustic, and more nature-oriented... really got to me and when I came back from repelling at the New River Gorge, I couldn't stop thinking about where to go next... and what would make it fun.

That's when I came across the Airstream trailers. First, the Basecamp. Then, the NEST, which wasn't a thing... but was in development.

Now, flash forward, a few years later, both are in wide use... and thanks to this PanDAMNic, I'm obsessed.

See, I love travel. I love going... places. But the places I'd love to go, and the hotels I'd love to go recreate at, are closed. Or reduced in operations. No one really knows when what is going to reopen... but what I do know is that I can NOT put out this restlessness I have to move about the country... and the world.


I'll hitch it to the back of my SUV and go. To the beaches. To Texas. To West Virginia. To rural parts of California, Nevada, Utah. New Mexico. Where ever my car can take me and whomever comes with. I won't need a hotel... because I've got the Airstream!

Oh, I'm obsessed.

I've been watching YOUTUBE videos about people who WORK FROM HOME from the comfort of these Airstreams. Some are tricked out with better internet connections than I have at home. Some have better remote/home studio gear than I've got - and I don't have the best of everything!

Some have been modified. Upgraded. Heck, these Airstreams are like the Jeeps of Glamping!

I shouldn't say GLAMPING. There's not much glamourous about camping... but these Airstreams seem to make it worth it.

Then, you have these people who do what's called BOONDOCKING. They just go. Change the water and whatnot from time to time. Camp in Walmart parking lots and whatnot. And they live life on the go, they work from home... which is on the go... and they seem to be insanely happy!

I told you I'm obsessed.

Anyway, before I go walking into the weeds as the great coach of communicators Dennis Clark would say, let me just get to the point...

Anyone know anyone who has one of these? How is it? What's it like? Is it worth it? Is it fun? Should I get one?

Because I'm seriously thinking of taking on a side-hustle either working for VOA, Uber, Lyft, Grubhub, BiteSquad or as a male dancer at Camelot Showbar, to earn enough money to get one of these...


Seriously, though, email me or message me your thoughts. tk@iheartradio.com or @tobyknappON on Facebook!