#WFH | When is the last time you wore pants? Do you remember?


Remember them?

We used to have to wear them to places... back before that 'Rona came and scared us all into our homes, scattering us to the winds.

Now, the non-furloughed and non-terminated who are able to - for now - work remotely from home while the world figures out whether or not to re-open or stay closed because of this invisible viral invader, we work in whatever we want to wear.

Yoga pants, like my friend Alison in Tampa.

Shorts, like my friend Mike in South Carolina.

Boxers. Like me.

But do you remember when... back when... we used to wear pants?

I put some on the other day... the day the blisters came because of my shoes... that's a different story, but yes, I put on jeans. They fit fine. But I can see how some people who may have worn really tight skinny jeans back in the pre-Covidian times who have packed on the Pandemic Pounds, might not be too comfortable in those jeans.

Safe at home. Eating comfort food. Packing on the pounds. Raising the A1C.

Pandiabetes, any one?

I digress.

It seems many people working from home can't remember when the last time they actually wore pants.

Some can't remember what day it is.


Or... should I say #PantsDemic problems.

I'm gonna go do some crunches and planks now. Read more at the link above.



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