#COVID-19 | Julia Roberts & Dr. Anthony Fauci launch #PassTheMic Campaign!

When a PRETTY WOMAN and America's Scientific ROCK STAR launch a global conversation about the planetary response to COVID-19 on all levels, people notice.

The ONE Campaign - a global organization working to end extreme poverty and preventable diseases, launched a global conversation about COVID-19 today when Dr. Anthony Fauci took over Julia Robert's Instagram account to talk about the global response to COVID-19.

As is his way, Fauci did not pull any punches regarding the science...

“We need to make a commitment right now that when we do the vaccine trials we need to include the developing world… There is, what I consider, the moral commitment to do this. But also, there’s enlightened self interest… If you don’t control an outbreak in the developing world, it’s going to come right around and bite you the next season. So unless you completely stop this, you’re not going to wall yourself off from the developing world. So, for those people who don’t feel a moral commitment, think about it the other way. There’s another reason to make sure we take care of our brothers and sisters who don’t have it as well as we do.”

You can see the video of the takeover above.

The #PassTheMic Campaign will include many other celebrities - as well as doctors, business leaders, front-line workers and more over the next few weeks.

Photos: Used courtesy of the ONE campaign