STATEMENT: Thoughts on the news...

It would be a mistake for me to post meaningless posts about ridiculous facts while our country is literally burning.

I won't do it. Your metrics... be damned.

We have bigger problems to deal with --- bigger than the superfluous stories given to us in the middle of the night by people we pay to give us the informational nothing... to talk about. In my world of work, we call it "showprep."

We have a conversation to have as a country. It won't be easy. It's going to divide us and if we find a way through it, we're going to have to correct some past wrongs... as we go forward to quell this chaos.

We're gonna have to get out of our safe spaces -- our basements -- our dining rooms -- the places we've been working from home to feel "safe."

We need to get up. Rise up. Engage. And get in the face of this problem.

You scared? Cool. Stay safe where you are. That's your choice. We won't question it. I won't hold it against you. I'd do the same, too, in this moment.

If I could. But I can't. Because this time -- right now -- is too important.

We need to fix and finish this, once and for all. It's been way too long.

You angry? Cool. Lets Rise up. Safely. We know what we need to do.

We need to address our "original sin."

40 MILLION PEOPLE are out of work.

We QUESTION that Health Care is a fundamental human right in the MIDDLE OF A GLOBAL PANDEMIC.



We have a problem, America.

Where is our leadership? A voice of reason?

100K people dead because of a pandemic.

Is this... America?

That's the conversation we need to have.

Be safe, friends. Let's fix this. Together. Forward.

Let's be better.

Time to get to work...


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