Guys! I got a sneak-peak at IRRESISTIBLE, the new political satire from the mind of JON STEWART, and if you've watched what has been going on in the news lately and said, "why...." this movie is for you!

It stars STEVE CARELL, who plays a big-time political consultant not unlike James Carville back in the day, who ends up advising a small-town mayoral candidate in Wisconsin, played by Chris Cooper who is retired Marine colonel. The ensuring antics give us a look at political 'things' in America today... including how operatives "test" themes in places like Wisconsin in the run-up to a national election. Rose Byrne is also a part of this cast, playing the foil to Carell's character, not dissimilar to Mary Matalin, the legendary GOP political operative. Art does indeed imitate life in this film... at least, that's what I noticed. If you watch you might notice the same thing...

Look, we all know Jon Stewart. He does what he does because he's got something to say, and that something may not be something everyone wants to hear... but for those who have kept an eye on all of the political "stuff" lately, it's clear Stewart and his cast have something they want us to hear... and in this film, if you listen... it makes sense. Thinking back to a Media Studies class I took once, with a professor who was tutored by a guy named Neil Postman, it's clear that Stewart wants to warn us that We, The People... may be, ahem, "Amusing Ourselves To Death" and the current state of American Media... together with a ton of political SuperPAC money... might just be an accomplice.

Irresistible is the perfect political film at the perfect time for America. We're sheltering at home in quarantine. We've got a Presidential Election just weeks away now. We've got a global pandemic, serious social issues, a crippled economy, massive unemployment, millions without healthcare, millions more facing the prospect of homelessness... and through it all, We, The People... are watching these screens... taking in these messages... forming opinions and thinking about things...

... Stewart nailed it. And in doing so... he's also given us something to think deeply about.

Irresistible releases on-demand - and in theaters which might be open in some places - Friday.

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