TRAVEL: A peek inside the Hotel Hershey's Milton Hershey Suite

Now, don't get it twisted... I don't get to stay in places like this all the time...

A quick getaway to Hershey and a bit of luck gave me the chance to give you this tour of the HOTEL HERSHEY's MILTON HERSHEY SUITE... which we got to crash in because a legacy family cancelled their usual 4th of July trip to see the fireworks... which were cancelled. When one door closes, another opens... and I kinda chose to run through the open door when given the chance... and this... is what it looks like!

Hershey, by the way, is re-opened, as is HersheyPark, the amusement park located just across from the Hotel Hershey. They're in what they call the "GREEN ZONE" of reopening during this pandemic, meaning, you have to wear masks, you have to stay socially distant and they've got occupancy restrictions in place while the Commonwealth works through the re-opening advice. All the restaurants and shops are open for the most part, as is the outdoor pool area, the glow golf putting green and other amenities.

Check out the video for more... and no, this video was not sponsored, nor did Hershey ask me to make this, nor did I receive anything of value from Hershey in return for this video. I just thought it was cool, I've been watching a ton of YouTube videos of stuff like this and thought, "why not whip up a quick video and dust off my Final Cut skills..."

Hope you enjoy. Feel free to leave thoughts in the comments. I'd say like and subscribe but... I probably need to make more for you to like and subscribe before I go asking for likes an subscriptions... right?

Thanks to the staff at the Hotel Hershey for being so incredible while I've been hiding out up there on weekends waiting for the pools locally to reopen!

Finally... depending on where you are watching this from... Hershey is well worth the trip. They've got the park, they've got Zoo America, they've got shopping, great dining and more... plus the Hotels offer so much to do as well... It's something to consider, especially if you are thinking of a road-trip-type-vacation... just saying. Not to mention, Amish Country aka Lancaster is nearby... and that's a world unto itself... trust me!

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