#LOL: Here are some ways to RUIN someone's day! Try at your own risk!

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So... want to annoy some people? Frustrate 'em? STIR THAT POT???

If so, here are some ideas you can try... but you've gotta use 'em at your own risk!

• #HashtagEverythingYouWriteOnSocialMedia

• Sit at a green light and wait for it to turn red.

• Go to a library and say “Shhh!” to the quietest person in the room.

• Hold the door open for someone and right before they go through say, “Nice try” and close it.

• Tell a friend you’re coming over and never show up.

• Go on a first date and pay the bill with pennies.

• Wave at someone and when they wave back say “Not you” in an annoyed tone.

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