@TESLA: A CHEEKY Easter Egg hidden for owners... Have you heard about this?

Tesla founder Elon Musk is just a child billionaire.

His preferred brand of comedy has been frequently reflected in the products his company produces, including a software update that allowed people with Teslas to amuse themselves with the objectively purest form of amusement: fart noises.

Now, Tesla owners have stumbled upon a similarly-themed easter egg that began to make the rounds on Twitter after someone discovered a particularly interesting way to trigger the door on their car’s charging port: saying “Open butthole.” A few days ago, Tesla enthusiast @tesla_master shared the discovery on Twitter. The command “Open Butthole” on a Tesla opens the charge port door.

Interestingly, comments from other Tesla owners indicated that the “Open Butthole” voice command actually opens their vehicles’ rear trunk instead — revealing that while the voice command is definitely linked to a Tesla feature, the company is yet to standardize which feature is activated with the command.

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