#LifeHACKS: These will make you look more attractive! Check this out...

Want to revamp your look? If you’re bored with your wardrobe or hair, a makeover can be a good fix, but it doesn't take a ton of money or plastic surgery to change the way you look. A Redditor recently asked, “What are the simplest things to do that make you look more attractive” and users have shared their ideas in more than 12-thousand comments.

Ready for your glow-up? Here’s what the people of Reddit recommend to improve your appearance:

●“Good posture”

●“Drink more water. It does wonders for your skin, your health, mood and energy.”

●“Pursuing healthy goals.”

●“Sit up straight. Don’t mumble. Be calm and relaxed in your movements.”

●“Empathy and intelligence”

●“A skincare routine … and wear sunscreen to protect from wrinkles and skin cancer.”

●“Be responsible and take care of your living environment.”

●“Calm and confident. Nothing is hotter than being self-assured.”

●“Brush your teeth. Twice a day. Floss, too. Clean, healthy teeth are fantastic.”

●“Wear clothes that fit well. Even expensive clothes can look like crap (and make you look like crap) if they don’t fit your frame and body type.”

●“Being kind and being attentive. Genuine interest in another person is very simple and incredibly rare.”

●“Having a great sense of humor.”

●“Shower, and cut your fingernails”

●“A nice smile, good posture and being kind.”

●“Not trying too hard when you’re around somebody you’re interested in, instead just staying calm and enjoying yourself.”

HT: Reddit

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