#SELFCARE: Check this two-minute self-care guide from a habit-change expert

A lot of us feel like we don’t have time to practice self-care because we’re so busy, but that’s actually when we need it most of all. Habit change expert Dr. Gina Cleo says self-care doesn’t need to be complicated or overly indulgent, it just needs to be a short break to do something solely for yourself. She says if you have two minutes to spare, you have enough time for self-care. And doing it can boost your productivity and mood while lowering stress levels.

This is Dr. Cleo’s two-minute guide to self-care:

Regular positive affirmations - Recognizing yourself for the positive things you’ve achieved totally counts as self-care. Cleo says it can be as simple as writing down three things you did well today.

Take a coffee break - Mindfully going through the motions of making a cup of coffee can be an effective way to give your brain a break and be present for a few minutes. Taking the time to make coffee at home can give you a quick self-care moment, especially if you sit down afterwards and enjoy your brewed beverage without distractions.

Surround yourself with loved ones - Spending time with people or pets you care about is another easy way to practice self-care. Meeting a friend to catch up over lunch or catching up with your partner mid-day gives you a welcome break during the work day. And research shows that being around pets can help de-stress and calm your mind.

Pamper your hands - If you constantly work on a computer, your hands need some love. Treat them to a two-minute hand massage to relax your muscles and prevent repetitive strain injuries. Take it to the next level by adding a jasmine scented hand cream since the scent can reportedly calm the nerves and help soothe anxiety.

Break a sweat - Pretty much any form of exercise can be a stress reliever, whether you prefer a HIIT session or a Pilates workout. And if you want to calm your racing mind, try stretching and incorporating long, soothing breaths. Yoga moves like child’s pose and cat cow pose are easy and effective for relieving stress and fatigue.

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