#DRIVERS: The BEST and WORST drivers live in these states!

With so much to disagree on in the world, it’s nice to know there’s one thing we can all agree on…crappy drivers.

To find out which city has the best…and the worst…Quote Wizard looked at data from accidents, speeding tickets, DUIs, and traffic citations. After tabulating it all, here’s how the final results panned out based on numbers from America’s 70 biggest cities.

Worst Drivers

70 Omaha, Nebraska – first in DUIs and seventh in citations

69 Riverside, California – third in citations and seventh in accidents

68 Bakersfield, California – third in DUIs and 11th in accidents

67 Columbus, Ohio – fourth in DUIs and ninth in accidents

66 Richmond, Virginia – second in DUIs and 11th in citations

Best Drivers

1 Birmingham, Alabama – 70th in speeding & citations

2 St. Louis, Missouri – 69th in speeding & citations

3 Little Rock, Arkansas – in the bottom ten of all four categories

4 New Orleans, Louisiana – 66th in speeding & 65th in citations

5 Memphis, Tennessee – 64th in speeding & 62nd in citations

Overall, Chicago had the most speeders, followed by Philly, Seattle, Los Angeles, and San Antonio.

Source: Quote Wizard

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