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If my KID is getting a TATTOO do I need to tell her mom? Um...

My kid -- our daughter -- Kyla. She's 18.

An adult.

In college.

Yes, I'm paying for it. Yes, she's under my roof right now. But later on, as in, later this AM (depending on when you read this)... my young adult is going to fly on her own to see friends in Michigan. Whilst there, I assume over the weekend or early next week, she's going to get a tattoo.

A tattoo.

A thing which can't be washed off.

Now, I get what people say. What some may think. Many people have these ideas about tattoos.

I don't.

To me, if you are over 18, it's your body. You have the right to make some decisions... and those are yours. Forever or temporary, they're yours. Who am I to say anything otherwise.

Kyla's getting one this week. Do I care? Nope. Should I tell her mom? Um...

There is the question which makes me go, "hmm....."


Here's some "Prep" about tattoos... give this a read and realize I'm getting one down at the shore after the Summer starts to fade...


Choosing a tattoo can be overwhelming – there’s so many things to choose from! If you want something sentimental, go for it. But if you’re trying to figure out the perfect phrase to get, here are some popular phrases that can help inspire you.

·“I am enough.”

·“So far so good.”

·“There is a light that never goes out.”

·“But time makes you bolder.”

·“Be the change.”

·“Que Sera Sera”

·“Hope anchors the soul”

·“Love yourself”

·“Trust the process”

·“Dreams do come true”

For even more, click HERE!

Source: Bustle

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