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#BACKtoSCHOOL: Kids are going back to school with bulletproof backpacks!

Talk about a sign o' the times.

Taking the kids back to school shopping soon? In 2022 you wouldn’t be thought of as a crazy parent if got your kid a bulletproof backpack. Even after the shooting rampage at Colorado’s Columbine High School, bulletproof backpacks were a niche item for years. Today some parents seem them as a necessity.

A company called Tuffy Packs sells almost 20 models of bulletproof or bullet resistant backpacks ranging in price from a $137 sling-style pack, to a $297 model called Tactical Rush.

Then there’s Body Guard backpacks which have a bulletproof shield that slides out of the backpack, over your head and onto your chest. The company’s Level 3 backpack weighs 13 pounds

There’s even a category of bulletproof backpacks on Amazon.

This is where we are, 'Murica. Sending kids back to school... with bulletproof backpacks.

What have we become?


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