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πŸ’¦πŸŠβ€β™€οΈ Dive into DC's Luxe Pools! #BackyardParadise #DCPoolLove 😍

My Personal Affection for DC's Most Luxurious Backyard Pools Listed in the Washingtonian Magazine Online!

Hello, fellow water lovers! Allow me to share my personal affection for not just any pools, but the kind that transport you to a paradisiacal world while lounging in your own backyard. Yes, you heard me right - our very own DC area is teeming with such luxurious aquatic retreats, and thanks to the platform Swimply, they are all available for rent!

Now, these pools are in the DC area - but Swimply will allow you to rent pools EVERYWHERE! How awesome is that??

Having dived into these lavish pools, I've taken it upon myself to bring you The Washingtonian Magazine's list of the top nine backyard pools that spell absolute luxury. Prepare for some serious pool envy!

1. The Georgetown Glamour Pool

Oh, where do I begin with my love for this splendid pool? Nestled in the heart of Georgetown, the infinity-edge design makes me feel like I'm floating above the cityscape. Add to this a hot tub, an outdoor fireplace, and sun loungers that scream Hollywood glamour, and you have my idea of a dreamy swim-cation.

2. Capitol Hill Hideaway

Nothing beats the tranquil beauty of this urban oasis amidst the buzz of Capitol Hill. I fell in love with its lush, private landscaping and the promise of a relaxed grill-and-chill session by the poolside. The fully-stocked outdoor bar is the cherry on top!

3. The Alexandria Estate

My fascination for the Alexandria Estate's pool is boundless. Its grandeur, reminiscent of a vintage era, features grand columns, intricate mosaic tiles, and an inviting heated pool. Every dive feels like a trip back in time to an extravagant pool party from the Gatsby era.

4. The Bethesda Beauty

Nestled among rolling hills and mature trees, the Bethesda Beauty offers breath-taking views that add a touch of serenity to your swim. I adore lounging here with a cocktail in hand and a good book for company.

5. Arlington Modern Marvel

The minimalist in me is head over heels for this sleek, modern pool in Arlington. With its clean lines and the stunning attached hot tub, it's my go-to place for some zen relaxation and an impromptu photo shoot.

6. Dupont Circle Delight

A dip in this urban gem followed by an evening in Dupont Circle is my recipe for a perfect summer day. The pool's waterfall feature and the adjoining cabana are as relaxing as they are mesmerizing.

7. Fairfax Fairytale

Swimming in the Fairfax Fairytale's lagoon-style pool is like floating in an enchanting dream. The cascading waterfall and the surrounding garden makes every swim here an ethereal experience I can't get enough of.

8. McLean's Classic Retreat

An amalgamation of Roman grandeur and contemporary luxury, the pool at this McLean home is a visual delight. I can't help but admire the intricate stone detailing and the statues every time I'm here for a poolside rendezvous.

9. Silver Spring's Tropical Paradise

Silver Spring's backyard pool is my personal tropical getaway. Its palm trees, sandy beach area, and tiki bar transport me to a beach vacation, making it my favorite staycation spot.

So there it is, my love letter to DC's most luxurious pools available for rent. Dive into these backyard wonders and create your unforgettable pool moments. Because, as I always say, luxury isn't just to be dreamt of, it's there to be experienced, one dip at a time!

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